Ogeechee Steel, Inc maintains in house detailers and checkers, insuring that our drawing meet our standard details, and the detailers know how to incorporate the their vast erection/fabrication
knowledge to save you time and money. We can find potential conflicts in the
drawing and correct them before they become field problems.

The project managers work closely with the detailers to ensure that answers are received promptly, and that submittal schedules are maintained.

Our detailers provide combined experience totaling 228 years. Many of our detailers have numerous years of experience in “board detailing” – by hand. This helps the detailers see potential problems in lieu of repeating an AutoCad detail that may not be functional/correct. We do not expect designers to be perfect, but we must provide a product which is structurally sound and functional. This all begins with our professional staff of detailers and checkers.

Our detailers can detail by hand or use different software packages. Our current software packages include A-Steel which is used in conjunction with AutoCad and X-Steel, which is a three dimensional stand alone program.