We more than welcome the opportunity to work in a design/build capacity. We have a large support staff of Registered Engineers from numerous firms throughout the southeast which work on our team when performing in the design-build capacity.
We have a Project Management Team which understands the needs of the owner, architect, and other trades on the job. We understand that when this form of contracting is decided upon, time is of the essence, more so than on standard competitive bid projects.

From the schematic phase to the complete erection of the structure, Ogeechee Steel, Inc. can provide not only time saving input and engineering services, but we can also provide cost savings input. There are numerous ways to accomplish the same desired result. However, most times there is a more economical means. Who better to offer input than a fabricator and erector? When the structure of your building/project starts correctly and finishes on time or ahead of schedule, it sets the pace for the rest of the project.