No longer RED Iron but GREEN Steel

Go Green Steel

Steel is the leading construction material for sustainability, offering exceptional environmentalsocial and economic benefits. The balance between the three elements sees steel deliver a sound sustainability case and contribute to the circular economy.  Consider these facts:

  • The structural steel making process boasts a 95% water recycling rate with no external discharges, resulting in a net consumption of only 70 gallons per ton.
  • Steel is the most recycled material in the world.  Domestic mills recycle more than 70 million tons of scrap each year and structural steel has a 93% recycled content!
  • Steel production productivity levels are up by a factor of 24 and labor hours have been reduced from 12 to just 0.5 tons per ton.
  • Steel’s carbon footprint is down 37%, energy use has decreased 32%, and greenhouse gas emissions have dropped by 45%.

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